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Quick Clean Hair Mist was created by Angie Ravenel in 2014. 

Charleston, SC native Angie Ravenel has been licensed in the hair and beauty industry for 20 plus years. She is the owner of Angie's Hair Studio LLC established in 2000. Within those years Angie has also established titles such as photographer, makeup artist, instructor of cosmetology, and has also traveled the states working for Revlon. Along with writing a book, Makeup 101 with Angie Ravenel; available on Amazon,  Angie finds time to give back to her community. Angie founded Project Warm Hands in 2010, a charitable organization which gives clothes to needy men, women, and children during winter months.

Throughout Angie's travels in the hair industry and working countless hours behind the salon chair, she observed a gap that needed to be filled.  Mrs. Ravenel noticed there wasn't an all natural, sulfate free product that cleans and neutralizes odors for the hair and scalp while on the go. It was then,  Angie created Quick Clean Hair Mist. Quick Clean Hair Mist is a universal, multipurpose mist for men, women and children with all hair types.

This no rinse, non residue mist has been tested from behind the chair, on the movie sets, and with clients with astonishing results.

January, 2015  Quick Clean Hair Mist was professionally labeled and sold to clients of Angie's Hair Studio, online and Walmart stores.

Now, ARAVENEL Products has expanded its line and will now be selling products online solely!


Angie Ravenel has introduced a luxury line of shampoos, conditioners and scalp oils! Of course, all ingredients selected are premium ingredients. All hair products are scientifically developed.


ARAVENEL Products also be introducing a full eyebrow care line soon! 

Mrs. Ravenel handmade bracelets will also be making an appearance seasonally.   

Angie will continue to introduce new and innovative products to the product line.


Her goal will always be to introduce premium products that works and will give you full satisfaction. Products that have natural ingredients, products that will change your life for the best. We suggest that you always stay tuned.  

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