Managing Multiple Projects/Careers

What is the one thing that you don't have a lot of? Ask me, and my answer will always, undoubtedly be time. We all know that time is unforgiving and unapologetic. So the magic question is how do you manage multiple projects or careers? Well, first, you got to manage time. Simply said, but I know that it is easier said than done and frankly my dear it can be challenging.

My careers consist of managing and owning a hair salon, hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, author, educator of cosmetology and now a retail supplier with a hair product. I even act in commercials here and there.

Time and time again, I am constantly being asked "How do you do it all?" Well, I give every one of those projects/careers the time needed. If I am scheduled to work in the salon for the day that is what I am focusing on. I don't mix projects or duties. You are not going to see me working with a client in the salon and at the same time pulling inventory reports from merchants. I give everything the time needed by scheduling it.

Now, I must admit not every task goes smoothly as planned. Nor, does one project gets 100% of my time. People who only have one project to focus on will probably finish faster or be more successful than someone with many. That's the chance you take when taking on multiple projects or careers. So, if you are multi tasking, that is why it is vital to manage your time according to the importance of the project. I suggest putting more time into the project that will give you the biggest reward or payout.

If you are a creative/artsy person like myself, its hard to focus on just one thing, when you feel like you are great at many. So you have to prioritize your projects in way of scheduling, in hopes of completing them. Completing your project doesn't mean your project is successful but just finished. Making sure your project is successful takes even more time and probably another great blog post. So, to all the individuals who want to accomplish more than one thing at a time, I say its okay, just schedule accordingly.

Closing remarks: Use your time wisely and schedule according to the importance of the project. You got to divide 100 % of time into smaller percents and assign them to each project. Good luck deciding which project will get the larger percent of your time.

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