How To Stay Motivated

Motivation sometimes comes far and few between. So how do you keep yourself motivated? Well, first of all you have to be open to receive motivation. You can't walk around guarded and not open to receive.

I am normally motivated by others success. When I read success stories or witness it for myself that motivates and inspires me. Sometimes, I can watch a great before and after on a home or garden makeover and I am motivated by that. To see the start of a project and see it all come together motivates me. I can visually place myself in that equation, even though its not the type of project I am working on personally.

When I am motivated I come up with quotes that are called, "My Words My Thoughts." Those quotes are sometimes printed on my salon walls and posted on my social media sites. I like to go back and read my quotes when I am having a bad day. My own quotes reminds me of where I was at one time or another and that helps me continue to push forward.

I say that to say this, when you are having a great day of achievements write it down and share it. That way you can go back and remind yourself of how great you were and it will motivate you all over again.

Be sure to surround yourself with great individuals who are dedicated to their craft. If you find that to be challenging; go online and follow someone who inspires you. Also, Read a bio of someone who motivates and inspire you. Most of the time it's someone who reminds you of yourself. Just the other day in the salon, a stylist spoke of Madam CJ Walker, she was really inspired by her life story. She told us a brief story of her bio. When she shared that story, it was said with such passion and admiration; it was obvious that she was really motivated by this pioneer. So, reading bios of successful individuals is a great way to motivate yourself.

Closing Remarks: Record your achievements so you can go back and motivate yourself. Read bios of individuals that reminds you of yourself. Last but not least, be open to receive motivation. Lets get motivated!

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